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Veterans MC Netherlands

The only Military MC in the Netherlands

Patriots MC United Kingdom

The only Back Patch MC in the UK Exclusively for Serving and Ex-Serving Members of HM Forces

Allied Veterans MC Belgium

Belgiums Military MC  for Serving and Ex-Serving Members of Allied forces resident in Belgium

Veterans MC Canada

Canada's Military MC for  Serving and Ex-Serving Members of Canadian Forces

Veterans MC Norway

Norway's Military MC for Ex members of Norwegian Military Servicemen

Veterans MC France

Frances Military MC for Ex and Serving Members of French forces

Green and White Alliance

The Green and White Alliance is and international brotherhgood of Miltiary MC's around the Globe we share the same colours but retain aour individual club identities. We regularly meet up and ride both Nationally and internationally. 


Brothers In Arms


Being a brother means more than a name, it's not for convenience, it's not a game.

It's something special, we will never have a doubt.

We will remain Brother In Arms througout.

We are here for each other, without questioning the need.

When one of us is cut, all of us bleed.

Brotherhood isn't easy and it doesn't come free.

Respect and loyalty are always sincere,

when give to a brother without any fear.

Our family comes first, our work is a must, in our brothers presence we always have a trust.

We'll give all we got and expect just the same.

We'll always be loyal and never give a blame.

After all this I hope you can see

To be a Brother In Arms is an honour.

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